Frequent question: Why can’t I buy Recaro car seats?

The safety of its customers is the highest priority for Recaro Child Safety. For this reason, the company has decided to stop delivery of the Recaro Optia seat and to no longer permit its sale.

Why did Recaro stop making car seats?

The company was involved in a protracted fight with US safety regulators over its flagship ProRide convertible car seats, finally agreeing to a recall of 100,000+ seats in 2015. Damage to Recaro’s brand and reputation was too much to recover from, according to our analysis.

Is Recaro still in business?

The Recaro Child Safety GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Marktleugast, which merged with the long-established Storchenmühle company in 2004, ended its business operations on 31 July 2018.

Are Recaro car seats good?

Conclusion. The Recaro Performance Coupe performed better than average in our tests and earned a top score for ease of use and good scores for comfort/quality. This seat has an easy to use and adjust harness with memory foam padding that gives the baby a comfortable seat not found in other products.

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Do Recaro car seats expire?

All seats have an expiration date – a date that you need to discontinue using the seat so it can continue to work properly in the event of an accident. This seat has an expiration of 6 years from the date of manufacturer. An expiration date of 6 years is typical of many models, especially those that are less expensive.

Is Recaro Japanese?

The Germany-based company established a Japanese branch office in Kansai in 1976. Since then, RECARO Japan has also been engaged in the manufacture and sales of automobile seats that places priority on riders’ health and safety. In Japan, the brand name of RECARO tends to be easily associated with sports car seats.

Are European car seats legal in the US?

Unfortunately, regulations make doing this legally almost impossible. Parents often ask about this so lets make clear what apply. A US car seat, certified FMVSS, can not be used legally in Europe. Vice versa, a European car seat, certified ECE R44, can’t be used legally in US.

How much are RECARO seats worth?

If you search the web, however, you will see that Recaro car seats are offered for sale in the price range of about $350 to over $1,500.

What cars came with RECARO seats?

Recaro has worked with more than 40 automotive manufacturers over the decades and bolted its seats into dozens of cars as factory equipment. Its seats have graced icons like the BMW 2002Tii, Porsche 911, Mercedes-AMG SLS, Shelby Mustang GT350 and Lancia Delta HF Integrale.

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Does Recaro car seat recline?

There are 2 recline position in both directions. The seat reclines within the extra shell, so it does not take up any additional space when reclining it further. The Zero 1 has limited legroom for the child.

How long are Peg Perego car seats good for?


Importer / Manufacturer Brand Name(s) Useful Life
Learning Curve Brands, Inc. First Years, Compass 7 years
Orbit Baby Inc. Orbit Baby 7 years
Peg-Pérego Canada Inc. Peg-Pérego Manufactured after 2011 – 7 years
Peg-Pérego Manufactured after November 2015 – 10 years

Is it OK to use expired car seat?

Expired car seats may not adequately protect riders in the event of a crash. That’s why the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) urges parents to avoid using car seats that are past their use-by dates, or seats without expiration dates that are more than six years from date of manufacture.

How long are Baby Trend carseats good for?

Baby Trend gives an expiration date for its car seats as 6 years post-manufacture. You can find the manufacture date on the underside of the car seat or the bottom of the base. Evenflo car seats have a date of manufacture (DOM) label.