How do you use a back windshield?

How do you use a rear windshield?

Pull the wiper control lever toward you, and hold it. The washers spray until you release the lever. The wipers run at low speed, then complete one more sweep after you release the lever. Rotate the switch clockwise to turn the rear window wiper ON.

Where is the back windshield wiper button?

Now, for the answer: At the end of the windshield wiper knob (on the right), you’ll find the control for the rear wiper. If you rotate it away from you, the rear wiper will turn on. One click turns the rear wipers on intermittent operation (INT), and two clicks turns the wipers on normal operation (ON).

How do you use a windshield?

Turn the end of the stalk on the right side of the steering wheel away from you to activate the windshield wipers. If you were to look straight onto the end of the stalk, you would be turning the stalk clockwise. Use your windshield wipers whenever it is raining or snowing outside.

Why is my rear windshield wiper not working?

The most common electrical problem in your windshield wiper system is a blown fuse so that’s a good place to start. The fuse will most likely be in the main fuse block under the hood. Other problems could include a burnt out wiper motor, a problem with the wiper control switch or a problem with the delay module.

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Is rear wiper necessary?

Quite simply, because their rear ends taper off more smoothly, the airflow can travel across the surface of the car much more easily and directly. This means air can also travel across the windscreen and remove water sitting on the surface – so there’s no need for a rear wiper blade.

What is rear window washer?

The rear window wiper and rear window washer are designed to clean the rear window. Washing/wiping is started and settings are changed by means of the right-hand steering wheel stalk switch.