Are car window shades legal in Delhi?

In 2012, the Supreme Court of India banned the usage of tinted glass and sun films on vehicles in virtue of safety of passengers in vehicles following criminal incidents that occurred in moving vehicles.

Is sunshade legal in car in Delhi?

Conversation. Sir, it is illegal to put a sunshade on a car. for more information kindly contact DTP helpline number at 011-25844444.

Are car curtains legal in Delhi?

“No motor vehicle is allowed to be used in any public place after tampering with the percentage of visual transmission of light of the safety glass of the windscreen, rear window and side windows either by pasting any material upon the safety glass or fixing sliding ‘cloth curtains’, etc…,” states the directive.

Is there Challan on sunshade?

The law states that any sort of additions made to the car’s windows will attract a traffic police challan. Rule 100 of Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989 states that the window of a car must have a minimum visibility of 50%. Blocking the window of a car with sun shades is also not allowed.

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Is car window film legal in India?

Why the Tinted Window is Banned in India? In 2012, the Supreme Court of India passed a judgement that prohibits the use of tinted glass and similar alternatives such as sun film to curb crimes as many criminal cases were taking place inside cars by using heavily tinted windows as a shield.

Can I put curtains in my car?

Dear client, according to supreme order, you can not paste any film/thing on the glasses, curtains are allowed but transparent only. the ban on the fliming is based on the principle of visibility of the inside of the car.

Why tinted windows are illegal in India?

The Ban: When and why? In the year 2012, India’s Supreme Court put a ban on the usage of tints and sun films on car windows. This ban was out of concern for passengers’ safety following too many criminal accidents that took place in the moving vehicles.

Are sun blinds legal in India?

That said, yes, It is illegal to have any kind of sun blinds on a vehicle that did not come as Original Equipment. According to Supreme Court (Old Moses) Judgment on sun control films, any other material upon safety glass, windscreen and side windows is not permissible.

Is black glass allowed in India?

As per a recent Supreme Court judgement clarification, the use of black films of any VLT (Visual Light Transmission) percentage or any other material upon the safety glasses, windscreens (front and rear) and side glasses of all vehicles throughout India is prohibited.

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Is curtains legal in India?

The short of it is that any use of blinds, curtains or sun shades – in any form – isn’t legal.

Is black net allowed in car?

Supreme Court orders prohibit the use of black film or any other material on a vehicle’s windscreen and windows. Only company-fitted tinted windows are permitted with 70% visual transmission of light on the front windscreen and the rear window, and 50% visual transmission of light for the remaining windows.

Can you put a sunshade on rear window?

Both Manual and electric rear-window sunshades are available. We have a long experience with the integrated scissor arm type system for electric Rear Window Sunshades which has been proved as a very solid solution for this kind of Sunshades.

Are tinted windows illegal?

Window tints can be illegal if they’re too dark or if they cover too much area. Tinting is measured by VLT percent, or visible light transmission percentage. The VLT is the visible light that gets through the window, with a lower VLT percent meaning a darker tint.

Why are tinted windows illegal?

Why are heavily tinted windows illegal? Heavily tinted windows present a significant safety hazard for vehicle drivers and their occupants. Visibility is greatly reduced particularly at night-time or times of low light and may prevent drivers from seeing other road users or pedestrians.