Does AutoZone buy battery cores?

Just about any municipality that has a hazardous chemical and item pickup/dropoff can take old batteries of any kind.

Can I take my battery core to any AutoZone?

Core return to an AutoZone store

To return your product core to an AutoZone store, simply take the core and your receipt to any AutoZone store. You must drain all fluids, if any, out of the part before returning it. … All returns to an AutoZone store are subject to the in-store return policy.

Can you get money for battery cores?

1. Your Local Auto Parts Store. One of the easiest places to start selling is your local auto parts store. … If you are buying a new battery at the same time, the auto parts store will mostly offer you a credit to offset the core charge ranging from $5 to $12 for most localities.

How much is a core charge for a battery?

The core is usually between $5-15 per battery. A battery core and a battery charge are often interchangeable, but the battery charge may also mean the electrical charge that starts your engine.

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What is the core charge at AutoZone?

The core charge, sometimes called a core price, is a form of deposit you pay until returning your old part. If you don’t have the core at the time of purchase, you must pay the core charge. That charge is refunded to you when you return the core.

Does Walmart charge core charge for batteries?

Walmart places a battery core charge on all car battery purchases, but it is usually fairly cheap and is fully refundable as long as you return the battery to Walmart at the end of its life.

Can you return core to any AutoZone?

Simply bring the core back to any AutoZone store along with your receipt and your core refund will be issued! You can also send your core back to’s Fulfillment Center along with your Product and Core Return Form (reverse side of your shipping invoice) to receive your core refund.

What happens to battery core?

Battery purchases include what’s known as a core charge. When you purchase a new battery, a core charge deposit is charged at the time of purchase. When the old battery is returned to the store, the core charge is refunded.

How much is a battery core charge in California?

Retailers that sell new replacement lead-acid batteries at retail in California are required to register for, collect, file, and pay the $1.00 California battery fee to the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA).

What can you do with an old car battery?

Without further ado, here are five awesome DIY ideas that makes good use of a working DC 12 volt car battery.

  • Power Source For DIY Robots. …
  • Use It To Build Your Own Car. …
  • Portable Lighting System. …
  • Portable Solar Power Generator. …
  • Car Battery Charger.
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How do you find the core charge of an element?

Core charge can be calculated by taking the number of protons in the nucleus minus the number of core electrons, also called inner shell electrons, and is always a positive value in neutral atoms.

Does Walmart do battery testing?

Does Walmart check car batteries for free? Walmart Auto Care Center will test and install a new battery for free. It is important to note that not all Walmart stores have Auto Car Care Centers. Typically Walmart Supercenters have auto care centers, so those will test your car battery for free.

Does Walmart charge car batteries for free?

Walmart Auto Care Centre will fit your car battery and they will fit it for free if the battery is purchased in-store. If the battery is purchased from another store Walmart charges a $10 fitting fee. Replacing a car battery used to be a pretty straightforward job, modern cars are unfortunately a little more work.

How long do you have to return a core?

How long do I have to send back the core? Cores must be returned within 30-days of your original purchase date to qualify for a refund. BIG Machine Parts will provide you with a prepaid shipping label for the core return.

Do I need a receipt to get a core charge?

You must pay the core charge when you buy the part. After you replace the pump, you return the old one to the store with your receipt (which includes the core charge). As long as the old part is in acceptable condition, the store will then refund the $15.

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