How do you drain transmission fluid without losing the pan?

How do you remove transmission fluid from pan?

The only way to drain the old ATF is to remove the entire pan. Before you do, place a large catch pan under the transmission pan. Then, begin loosening the bolts that attach the pan to the transmission. Be prepared: As soon as you loosen the pan bolts, fluid will leak out around the edges.

How do you drain all the fluid out of a transmission?

The trick on how to drain transmission fluid is to work from the top, sucking out the old fluid up through the filler tube. Then refill with fresh fluid. A hand-operated vacuum transmission fluid pump makes the job simple and clean. You can remove one-third to one-half of the fluid from the transmission at a time.

What happens if I drain my transmission fluid?

If you only drained one or two quarts of transmission fluid, your car still has enough power to propel the car, however you could damage the clutch pack and pressure plates inside the transmission, they will slip or grind one another due to the lack of the sufficient fluid pressure because you had drained some of it …

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Do you drain transmission fluid hot or cold?

With your vehicle raised, let the engine idle for a few minutes, then turn it off. When the transmission fluid is still warm, but the vehicle has cooled down, you’re ready to remove the old transmission fluid.

Why is my transmission pan stuck?

No matter the reason, if it has been several years since the pan has been removed, it may be stuck to the transmission. This is typically due to the sealant or gasket on the pan creating a bond between the transmission and pan.

How do you torque a transmission pan?

Place a flat, heavy object on top of the gasket to securely fix the gasket to the pan. Install the pan, and torque the bolts to 12 foot-pounds. Do not tighten the bolts in a linear fashion. Alternate side-to-side and end-to-end to ensure the pan is drawn into place evenly.

Why don’t they put drain plugs in transmission pans?

Drain plugs are not used on the bottom of automatic transmission pans because the plugs become the low point of the transmission and if scraped by a bump in the road etc., the plug could leak. Without a plug the bottom of a transmission pan can tolerate scrapes without damage or leaks.

Is there a drain plug on a transmission?

If it is a manual transmission, it will typically have a large drain plug on the bottom of the transmission housing. If it is an automatic transmission, it will either have a large drain plug on the housing, a drain plug on the transmission pan, or the transmission pan will need to be removed.

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