Question: Can I service my car anywhere?

Many people have a misunderstanding that they need to get the car serviced at the dealership to keep the manufacturer’s warranty intact. The fact is that you can take your vehicle to any auto service provider for general maintenance.

Does it matter where you get your car serviced?

In order to keep your car’s warranty valid, your car will need to be serviced using approved parts. You can get your car serviced anywhere, but by going to a main dealer, you can be sure those all-important approved parts are used.

Do you legally have to have your car serviced?

FALSE: “Servicing your vehicle is a legal requirement”

While regular servicing is highly recommended to keep your vehicle in good shape, unlike an MOT check, an annual service is not a legal requirement, nor is it a pre-requisite to insuring your vehicle.

Can I service my car anywhere in South Africa?

From 2021, your car can be serviced anywhere – without invalidating the warranty. Good news for the motorists of Mzansi: Next year, you can get your car serviced with any mechanic of your choice – and it won’t void an existing warranty.

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Should a car be serviced before being sold?

It’s up to you to ask the right questions and inspect the car thoroughly before you buy. It’s a good idea to get a thorough car check to make sure there’s no shady past.

How often should you service your car?

Most manufacturers recommend that your vehicle is serviced once a year or every 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. There are lots of variations on this schedule depending on the car so it’s vital that you check the vehicle handbook to find out what its service intervals are.

How long can you go without servicing your car?

While many new cars with low mileage can go up to three years without needing a service, but for the majority of cars regular servicing is highly recommended.

Is car service different to MOT?

In some ways an MOT and service are quite similar and both include checks on your brakes, seat belts and tyres. However, a service is more thorough and includes the replacement or maintenance of some parts, such as the engine oil, to keep your car running smoothly.

Does MOT count as a service?

Is a Service the same as an MOT? No. It also measures car emissions and checks criteria against standards set by the Government. It is illegal to drive a car over three years old without a valid MOT certificate and you will be unable to obtain car insurance without one.

Can I service my own car under warranty?

In short; No: Using your own oil, or using an independent garage instead of a franchised dealer will not invalidate the warranty on a vehicle, provided that you perform the work to at least the same standards as a franchised dealer.

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How many kilometers should you service a car?

Generally, most carmakers suggest a period of 10,000 km or about 12 months, whichever is earlier, but depending on your driving style, you can also inspect your car every 5,000 km to be cautious. On a new vehicle, here’s what you need to check when servicing your car at 5,000 km, 10,000 km and 15,000 km.

Is car warranty void if not serviced?

What’s more, if your car is still nearly new, it needs to be serviced regularly in order to keep the warranty valid. Missing services or having it serviced incorrectly could void its warranty entirely, potentially resulting in hassle and costly repairs in the future.

Can I reject a faulty new car?

While it’s possible to reject a faulty new car and you’re entitled to do so (particularly if problems occur within 30 days of purchase) it’s often best to let the dealer try to remedy any issues itself first.

What makes a car unroadworthy?

Avoiding common safety mistakes will help you get a roadworthy certificate in your first attempt. One of the top reasons people fail their certification is due to malfunctioning lighting. Lights must not be cracked, and the lenses cannot be faded. Indication, brake and number plate lights are often forgotten.

Is it illegal to sell an unroadworthy car?

Selling an unroadworthy vehicle is illegal, unless the individual wants to purchase it for repairs or spare parts. You could also be accused of misleading the buyer if they make their intentions clear to you and you fail to reveal that the car would not be suitable for their needs.

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