Should I cover my outboard motor for winter?

The engine cover is vented and designed to allow air to circulate. Tightly wrapping the motor will actually allow moisture to collect on the powerhead without allowing it a chance to escape. Moisture can cause corrosion problems that can damage your motor.

Can an outboard motor be stored outside in the winter?

Store the Boat Outside

Outdoor boat storage is certainly possible for your boat during winter. If you decide to do this, it is especially important to pull your boat completely out of the water because ice and very cold water can do great damage to your boat.

Should you cover your outboard motor?

So don’t cover the motor. If you have your boat shrink-wrapped, ask them to either work around the motor, or leave gaps around the transom so some air can get to the motor.

How do you store an outboard motor for the winter?

The best way is to either leave the motor on the boat or on an engine stand in an upright position, not tilted. If neither of these are an option, try to make sure that the engine is in an upright, self-draining position. If you can’t do this, be sure that the cooling system is drained completely.

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Do you need to cover boat in winter?

Without a cover, water can get in places, freeze, and expand. This will cause damage to the engine, pipes, and fibreglass. Winter boat covers are an affordable preventative measure. The first step in winterizing your boat is cleaning and performing required maintenance.

Should I cover my boat for the winter?

Wax on, Wax off: This step is especially important for storing your boat outside during the winter. Cleaning your boat inside and out and finishing with wax will help prevent rust on your boat’s body. Always use a cover: Finally, covering your boat will protect from elements like dirt, dust, and moisture.

Can you run your boat motor with a cover on it?

The stylish outboard cover that stays on while you’re running! Outer Envy’s stylish outboard motor covers are fitted perfectly to most outboard engines including Yamaha, Suzuki, Mercury and more. Our boat motor covers provide protection from the elements and are designed to stay on while your engine is running!

Should you leave your outboard up or down?

It’s best to tilt your outboard up when leaving your boat in the water to prevent marine growth from forming and from corrosion eating away at its metal parts.

Will my outboard motor freeze?

A very popular question asked by a concerned boat owner, (mainly outboard motorboats) is Will A Boat Motor Freeze? The simple answer is yes. If the temperature is low enough, it can freeze. Water, oil and other engine related lubrication coupled with freezing temperatures is the main culprit for freezing a boat motor.

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At what temperature should you winterize your boat?

As a general rule, you should look to winterize your boat before the temperatures drop below 25 degrees Fahrenheit, approximately -3 degrees Celsius.

How cold is too cold for an outboard engine?

Several sections of the US offer outdoor activities late in the year – and all Mercury Marine outboards are rated to operate at temperatures as low as -15C/+5F. However, no matter how invigorating late-season boating can be, you’ll need to ensure your outboard and boat are ready to withstand the cold.

How do you winterize a boat outboard motor?

Winterizing Your Outboard Motor

  1. Drain the crankcase oil (Four-stroke motors)
  2. Install a new oil filter (Four-stroke motors)
  3. Filling the crankcase with new oil (Four-stroke motors)
  4. Changing the lower unit gear oil.
  5. Stabilizing the fuel.
  6. Flushing the outboard with antifreeze.
  7. Fogging the cylinders.

What can I do with my outboard motor in the winter?

Flush the Engine

While the motor is still running, fog the carburetor. The oil will coat and protect the carburetor and cylinders. Once it has stopped, there will be no fuel in the system. This way, you’ll avoid freeze damage to your engine, and you’ll prevent blockages building up in lines over the winter.

Is it OK to store an outboard motor on its side?

When you are storing a boat motor, you can never lay it on its side because you can possibly damage it or because of how fuel may end up leaking all over the place if you leave it lying on its side for prolonged periods of time.

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