What is considered high transmission temp?

A driver should keep a careful eye on the transmission and ensure that the transmission temperature fluid is between 175 to 220 degrees. If it is any hotter, it can be a sign of trouble.

What temp is too high for transmission temp?

Fluid Life Expectancy vs Temperature

The ideal operating temperature of transmission fluid is 175 degrees. Overheating occurs after the temperature surpasses 200 degrees, and the failure rate doubles for every additional 20 degree increase after that.

What is a normal transmission temperature?

What is Normal Automatic Transmission Temperature? Ideally, the fluid temperature in the automatic transmission would range from 170 to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. If the transmission is slipping or you are pushing the vehicle hard, the temperature could rise above 240 degrees.

What happens if transmission overheats?

A transmission that frequently overheats can cause fluid to leak from the transmission, so if you are constantly replacing the fluid, it’s a good indication of a leak. A slipping transmission is also an indication of low, dirty, or burnt transmission fluid. You also need to be aware of the check engine light.

What is a good transmission temp while towing?

The normal transmission temperature when towing is approximately the same as the engine temperature, that is, approximately 195°F. The temperature inside the torque converter, while pulling a large load from a permanent start, could easily rise by above 350°F.

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What temp does transmission fluid freeze?

For this blog’s question, we want to talk about transmission fluid and the dangers of freezing. The danger comes from water coming into your transmission. Water freezes at 32° F or 0° C. When exposed to these temperatures, water in your transmission can freeze and expand, causing cracks in your transmission’s body.

What causes transmission over temp?

Low fluid levels or old transmission fluid causes friction between the parts and causes overheating. Fluid problems are the most common reason for transmissions overheating.