What should you do if you’re behind a motorcyclist is overtaking a high sided vehicle?

In windy conditions, high-sided vehicles cause air turbulence. You should keep well back, as the motorcyclist could be blown off course.

What should you do if you overtake a high-sided vehicle?

Explanation: The draught caused by other vehicles – particularly those with high sides – could be strong enough to push you out of your lane. Be prepared for a sudden gust of wind as you pass large vehicles. Keep both hands on the steering wheel to help you keep full control.

What should you do if you see a vehicle too close behind when you’re driving in traffic on the motorway?

Don’t follow too close to the vehicle in front. If a driver directly behind seems to be too close to you, increase your distance from the vehicle in front by slowing down gently.

Which side should a motorcycle overtake?

You should ride in a position that allows you to be seen by traffic ahead, and be seen in the mirror of any vehicle in front of you. If the traffic coming towards you needs room to pass obstructions such as parked cars, move over to the left. encourage traffic behind you to overtake you on your left.

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What should you check when you’ve just overtaking a motorcyclist on a motorway?

Check the nearside mirror to make sure you’ve passed safely before returning to the left. Be especially careful when overtaking motorcyclists, as they may be affected by the draught from your vehicle.

What’s the greatest risk to your safety when you’re overtaking on a motorway in very wet weather?

What’s the greatest risk to your safety when you’re overtaking on a motorway in very wet weather? Explanation: In very wet conditions, tyres may be unable to clear all the water from their path. This can result in a layer of water building up between the road and the tyre – a situation known as aquaplaning.

What to do when a car is close behind you?

If someone is following too closely, and if it is safe, reduce your speed just enough to encourage them to pass. If the person does not pass, create a wider space cushion between you and the vehicle ahead.

What should you do if the driver behind is following very closely?

Explanation: If the driver behind is following too closely, there’s a danger they’ll collide with the back of your car if you stop suddenly. You can reduce this risk by slowing down and increasing the safety margin in front of you.

How do you tell if the car behind you is too close?

Aim the right rear corner of your car at the point on the curb that’s in the middle of the parking spot. 3.) Check Over Your Left Shoulder: Look over your left shoulder frequently. As soon as you can see the left headlights of the car behind you through your side window, stop.

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When can a motorcyclist overtake?

In general, you can overtake them even with oncoming cars, but you should be aware that there will always be at least one oncoming car who doesn’t see you, or just wants to hinder. In that case, you should be able to swerve between two cars and stop, until you can carry on. That means you must adjust your speed.

Are motorcycles allowed to overtake on the left?

Are motorbikes allowed to undertake? Passing a vehicle on the left (usually referred to as undertaking) is acceptable if the vehicle is signalling to turn right and there is enough room to do so or where you are in a separate lane and the other vehicle is being held up by traffic ahead.

How do you overtake?

Use the right-turn indicator to signal that you want to overtake. Be sure the way ahead and behind is clear before overtaking. Check out for scooters or motor cycles that may be hidden from view in front of the vehicle you are about to overtake. Watch for vehicles in front that may be turning right.

Is motorcycle filtering legal in the UK?

Filtering (known as “lane splitting” in some countries) means moving past queues of stationary or slow-moving traffic. Go to any town or city and you’ll see cyclists and motorcyclists doing this. In the UK, filtering is perfectly legal and it enables cyclists and motorcyclists to keep moving when wider vehicles cannot.