You asked: Can I use any 12v battery for a trolling motor?

Yes for a short time. You need a deep cycle battery simply because it will take a longer time to draw the battery down. A regular car battery will work it just won’t work for as long as a deep cycle battery would.

Do you need a special battery for a trolling motor?

For trolling motors use, we recommend a battery with AT LEAST a 100 amperage hour rating, a Group 27 rating and 175 minutes of Reserve Capacity (RC).

What battery do I need for my 12v trolling motor?

Most trolling motor batteries fail due to lack of proper charging. We suggest selecting a 12 volt deep cycle marine battery with at least a 110 amp hour rating, usually a group 27 size battery. The higher the amp hour rating, the more run time you will receive.

What batteries work for trolling motors?

Most electric trolling motor will operate with any deep cycle 12-volt marine battery. But for the longest run time and lifespan we recommend lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries.

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How long will a 12v battery run a trolling motor?

Almost 5 hours doesn’t seem too bad, but that is really a max runtime in ideal conditions. Reality is likely to be less. If the battery is old, damaged or not fully charged then you will not get the rated amp hours from it, reducing your runtime.

Can you run 2 batteries on a 12v trolling motor?

Yes, it will charge both batteries. You may want to considering buying 2 new batteries to do this with. If you put two different batteries or one old & one new, it will pull off one faster than the other. I have 2 12 volt batteries hooked up in parrallel (pos to pos and neg to neg).

Can you use a starting battery for a trolling motor?

Marine Starting Batteries provide quick but powerful spurts of energy over short periods of time and are designed to start the engine and be rapidly recharged by the engine alternator. A starting battery should not be used for trolling motors or powering appliances.

How many amps does a 12v trolling motor draw?

The Force trolling motor can run on 24 volts or 36 volts, and the chart below shows how a 24v setting will draw higher amps then running at 36 volts. And how a setting of 30% draws 10% of the amount of power used at 90%.

36 Volt Power Source.

Throttle Level Thrust Current
100% 445 N-m (100 lbf) 54 A

What size battery do I need for an 80 lb thrust trolling motor?

Best Trolling Motor Battery For 80 Lb Thrust: Interstate Batteries. This is a deep cycle battery of 12 volts from Interstate Batteries. It is a rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery for various purposes.

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What size battery do I need for a 55 lb thrust trolling motor?

Using a Newport Vessels 55lb thrust motor continuously for two hours at full speed would require a battery with a 100-120 AH rating.

How long will a 100Ah battery run a trolling motor?

How long will a 100Ah battery run a trolling motor? A 100Ah lead acid deep-cycle battery will run a 30lbs thrust trolling motor on Speed 4 for 4 hours.

What charger do I need for a deep cycle battery?

7 Best Deep Cycle Battery Charger in 2022

Best Deep Cycle Battery Charger Supported Voltage Amperage
NOCO Genius Fully Automatic Battery Charger 12 Volts 10 Amps
TowerTop Fully Automatic Battery Charger 12 Volts 2/10/25 Amps
BMK Fully Automatic Battery Charger 12 Volts 5 Amps
Mroinge Fully Automatic Battery Charger 12 Volts 1 Amps

How long will a 12v 50AH battery last on a trolling motor?

How long does one 12-volt deep cycle marine battery last with this trolling motor? The runtime depends on the Amp-Hour rating of the battery. Theoretically, a 50AH battery on our 55lb thrust motor will run continuously on the highest speed for an hour.

How long does a 12v marine battery last?

Most deep cycle batteries can last up to six years with proper care and charging (depending on the frequency of use). It’s up to you to make sure that your battery isn’t being damaged by your charging routine.

How can I speed up my trolling motor?

Make Your Trolling Motor Faster

  1. Make Your Trolling Motor Faster.
  2. Change the Battery.
  3. Reduce the Load of the Canoe.
  4. Fix a more Streamlined Propeller.
  5. Put on Lighter Attire.
  6. Replace the Existing Motor.
  7. Conclusion.
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