Your question: What are the different starting interlocks in main engine?

What is interlock in main engine?

Interlocks are the blocking devices which assure that the engine is started or reversed only when some conditions are met. Running direction interlock is an important interlock that restrict the injection of fuel to the engine when the telegraph does not synchronize with the running direction of the engine.

What is starting interlock?

Automatic transmissions are usually equipped with a starter interlock system. This serves the purpose that a vehicle can only be started when a selector lever, actuatable by the driver, is in neutral or parking position. … The signals are then passed to the electronic transmission control system.

What is reversing interlock?

REVERSING COMPLETED INTERLOCK: As reversing has completed, the shaft of the starting air distributor reversing cylinder shall move outwards to press the AHD micro switch, allowing a part of control air to pass through the IL and a block valve to release and fulfil the reversing completed interlock.

What are the four different starting interlocks?

Main engine interlocks

  • Turning gear Interlock. This device prevents the engine from being started if the Turning gear is engaged.
  • Running Direction Interlock. …
  • Starting Air Distributor in the end position. …
  • Main Lube. …
  • Auxiliary Blower Interlock. …
  • Air Spring pressure Interlock.
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What is an air starter?

Unlike electric starters which potentially create sparks and require expensive, and sometimes unreliable batteries, air starters are powered by compressed air (pneumatics) – providing a completely safe and reliable energy source while totally eliminating all possibilities of electrical ignition.

How many types of interlocks are there?

There are three types of interlocks: – mechanical, – electrical, – logical.

What are the different types of interlocking?

Interlocking types

  • Mechanical interlocking.
  • Electro-mechanical interlocking.
  • Relay interlocking.
  • Electronic interlocking.

What are safety interlocks?

Safety interlock switches are used as interlock devices that can prevent machine operation or startup in an unsafe situation, such as when a door or guard is open. Interlock devices with a locking function can also prevent doors or guards from being opened while the machine is in operation.

What is the starting air pressure of main engine?

The starting air pressure is generally of the same range for both the main propulsion engines and the auxiliary engines i.e. between 25 and 42 bars. If the air pressure goes higher than this, then the components of the engine should be sturdy and robust to cater for the same.

What is the starting air pressure of the air bottles to start the engine?

Normally, compressed air at 20 to 30 bar pressure is required to start an engine in a certain direction. The compressed air which is inserted into the cylinder is also termed as “starting air”. This starting air is inserted into a cylinder when it is just past the TDC; and end when the exhaust opens.

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What is bridge control of main engine?

Bridge control of Main Engines:

Automatic control of the starting of the main engine can be done from the bridge as well as in Engine control room. The automatic controls employed in starting the engine is by the following sequence: Automatic control used in correctly positioning of the cam shaft.

What should you always check before starting a diesel engine?

Check All Important Parameters: After starting the lubrication pump, check lube oil levels and all other running pump parameters such as cooling water pressure, fuel oil temp and pressure, control and starting air pressure etc. to ensure that all are in the accepted range.

Why it is impossible to start the engine with 3 units?

The scavenge port opens at 110° after TDC thus the start angle limit is 110°. For an engine having three units the firing interval is 120° for each unit, thus it is not possible to achieve overlapping for the three-unit engine as the start angle needed to be greater than 120°.