How do I check my AutoZone merchandise credit?

How do I check my merchandise credit balance?

Store Cards

You can view your store card balance by checking the company website or by calling the number on the back of your card.

Can you use AutoZone merchandise credit online?

If you are logged in to your account at checkout, you have the option to redeem your AutoZone Rewards online under the Payment & Rewards section.

How do I check my AutoZone balance?

AutoZone Gift Card Balance

  1. Check Balance.
  2. Call 800-288-6966.
  3. Shop at AutoZone.

Where is the PIN on Advance Auto Parts gift card?

On the back of the card. The foil must be scratched off to reveal the PIN. Where can Customers buy gift cards? Customers can buy gift cards online or purchase them at any of our Advance Auto Parts and Carquest stores.

What is a merchandise credit?

Merchandise Credit means the crediting to the purchaser of the full amount of the payment upon return of the goods and allowing the purchaser to purchase goods from the merchant with the merchandise credit, or applying to the purchaser’s credit account with the merchant, in the amount of the merchandise credit.

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How do I check my balance on my virtual Visa card?

HOW DO I CHECK MY VISA VIRTUAL ACCOUNT’S AVAILABLE BALANCE? You can check your Visa Virtual Account’s available balance and complete transaction history online, at any time, free of charge. Click on the balance check tab and follow the prompts.

Can you sell merchandise credit?

Can I sell my store (merchandise) credit? Yes, you can get cash back for store credit if the credit is in the form of a plastic card and never expires. Just treat the store credit card as a gift card when selling your gift cards.

How do I use my Advance Auto gift card online?

When you reach payment options at checkout, select the “Advance Auto Parts Gift Card” option. Enter your prepaid gift card number and PIN. Your available gift card funds will be applied toward your purchase.

How do I check the balance on my Harbor Freight gift card?

How To Check Harbor Freight Tools Gift Card Balance Over the Phone

  1. Call 1-800-444-3353.
  2. Tell the customer support representative you want to check your gift card balance.
  3. Provide the agent with your gift card number.

How do I check the balance on my Home Depot store credit?

How can I check the balance remaining on my Store Credit? Visit a local The Home Depot store and ask a cashier to check the balance for you. Store Credit balance inquiries cannot be made online. Please note that you will no longer be able to receive balance inquiries by calling 1-800-HOME-DEPOT.

Can I use an AutoZone gift card in store?

You can use your gift card at any AutoZone store nationwide and at

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How do I check my Chili’s gift card balance?

Chili’s Grill and Bar Gift Card Balance

  1. Check Balance.
  2. Call 1-888-532-6092.
  3. Shop at Chili’s Grill and Bar.

How do I check my Advance Auto gift card balance?

To check the balance on an Advance Auto Parts gift card or merchandise card, please visit the check gift card web page. To get there, click on “Shop All” then “Gift Card Balance Check”. 2. Enter the 16-digit gift card number from the back of the card and the pin then select “Check Balance.”

Do Advance Auto Parts gift cards expire?

No expiration dates or fees. This is not a credit/debit card and has no implied warranties. Safeguard this card; it will not be replaced or replenished if lost, stolen, or damaged. Void if altered, defaced, or used without authorization.