Your question: Why the hysteresis motor is suitable for sound recording instrument?

The noise level of the hysteresis motor is very low as compared to the induction motor because it operates at a constant speed and its rotor is smooth. This type of motor is the smoothest running, quietest single phase motor, and is used for quality sound reproduction equipment like record players, tape recorders, etc.

What is a hysteresis motor used for?

A hysteresis motor is a subclassification of synchronous motor, these motors are mainly used in a noiseless operating environment with constant speed. Few of the application of hysteresis motor is a sound recording and sound-producing experiments like electric clocks, tape recorders, record players, etc.

Which of the following motor is preferred for tape recorder?

Hysteresis motor is used for tape recorders.

Why the hysteresis loop area of hysteresis motor is very large?

As the hysteresis losses are directly proportional to the area of the hysteresis loop, the hysteresis loop is very large. It has high starting torque as it has high rotor hysteresis loss. It accelerates from rest to full-speed almost instantaneously. It is not sensitive to fluctuations in supply voltage.

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Why is hysteresis motor free from mechanical and magnetic vibrations?

Advantages of hysteresis motor: No mechanical vibration due to the absence of teeth and winding in the rotor. Noiseless operation due to no magnetic vibration. Multi-speed operation possible due to a gear train.

What are the reasons for low efficiency of hysteresis and reluctance motors?

The magnetic hysteresis of the steel rotor reduces the efficiency of the motor but significantly increases the starting torque. After start-up, the rotor is pulled into synchronism and rotates at a constant synchronous speed under the action of the hysteresis and reluctance torque.

Which of the following motor is used in recording instruments?

5. Which of the following motor is used in recording instruments? Explanation: Reluctance motor is used in recording instruments.

Which single phase ac motor is commonly used for record players and tape recorder?

Which single phase ac motor will you select for record players and tape recorders ? Two value capacitor motor.

Which motor operates at high power factor?

Advantages of capacitor run induction or PSC motor: A Centrifugal switch is not required. It has high efficiency. It has a high power factor because of a permanently connected capacitor.

Which of the following motors is preferred for traction work?

Explanation: DC motors are used for traction as, according to the characteristics of DC motors speed is inversely proportional to torque and square of armature current as well, if linear magnetization is concerned. Thus, DC motors are perfectly suitable for traction.

What is hysteresis effect in hysteresis motor?

A hysteresis motor is a single-phase synchronous motor whose operating principle is based on the effect of magnetic hysteresis. According magnetic hysteresis, the magnetic flux density in a ferromagnetic material lags behind the magnetising force.

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How does a hysteresis motor differ from a reluctance motor?

The hysteresis rotor will “lock-in” at any position, in contrast to the reluctance rotor which has only the “lock-in” points corresponding to the salient poles on the rotor. 2. … Since these poles create a low reluctance path for the stator flux, they are attracted to the poles of the stator field.

Why BH curve is different for different materials?

A B-H curve plots changes in a magnetic circuit’s flux density as the magnetic field strength is gradually increased. The resulting shape indicates how the flux density increases due to the gradual alignment of the magnetic domains (atoms, that behave like tiny magnets) within the magnetic circuit material.